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Providing a Link Building Service to Expand Your Drug Rehab Web Presence

To effectively increase search rankings, companies must incorporate link building into their SEO efforts. Link building is the process of increasing the number of quality links to your site from external domains in your niche. There are a number of ways Conversion Metrics can assist in building your link profile.

Start Your Link Building Effort with a Comprehensive Backlink Audit

Not all links are good links. Before setting out to expand your link profile, Conversion Metrics conducts a comprehensive backlink audit to ensure that your existing backlinks are not in violation of Google’s search algorithms. Improper links can incur penalties, which work against your SEO efforts and hurt your search rankings. Our SEO professionals present a comprehensive picture of your current link profile in order to create a winning strategy to strengthen and diversify it as part of your overall SEO content strategy.

Backlinks are a highly effective method of improving search engine rankings. Unfortunately, their utility and efficacy has caused backlinks to be a common source of spam and other forms of SEO manipulation that are of no benefit to the searcher. Google and other search engines aim to provide their users with sites that are most pertinent to their query. For this reason, Google has implemented a number of quality control regulations that prevent sites that engage in backlink spam from ranking.

When do you need a backlink audit?

A backlink audit should be conducted at the outset of your efforts to improve rankings as part of a comprehensive SEO audit. Conversion Metrics helps businesses to clean up their links profiles, recovery from link penalties, and build relevant links to diversify their link portfolio. This process starts with a thorough backlink audit.

What is Google’s Penguin 4.0 algorithm?

Several years ago, Google started to take a stand against SEO strategies that went against their goals of directing searchers to relevant, quality content from high authority sources. The result was the so-called Penguin algorithm, a filter designed to catch and penalize sites that use spam tactics to improve results. Penguin 4.0 is the most recent version of the algorithm, which now runs in real time. While the Penguin algorithm has improved the quality of search results, it has also created an abundance of new guidelines and best practices for SEO. If your links do not adhere to these guidelines, individual pages or your entire site can be penalized.

What is a manual link penalty?

In addition to algorithms, Google assigns staff and contractors to review sites to ensure compliance with their quality guidelines. Sites can receive penalties for unnatural links, spam, and other violations. Manual link penalties frequently catch links that have been automated or manipulated on a large-scale basis. Although they are not as ubiquitous as algorithm-based penalties, manual link penalties happen frequently and have a profound negative impact on your rankings.

25 deadly link pitfalls

In conducting your backlink audit, our SEO professionals are on the lookout for these and other common link errors:

  1. Purchased Links
  2. Text Advertisements that Pass Page Rank
  3. Sponsored Posts
  4. Link Exchanges/Reciprocal Links
  5. Forum Links
  6. Comment Links
  7. Guest Book Links
  8. Do-Follow Links in Other Search Engines
  9. Low Quality Directories
  10. Large Scale Social Bookmarking Links
  11. Irrelevant content
  12. Spam sites
  13. Large Scale Article Links
  14. Large Scale Guest Post Links
  15. Links Built through Software and Automation
  16. Links Built through Scraped or Spun Content
  17. Widely Distributed Links
  18. Press Releases
  19. Malicious Behavior
  20. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Pages that are Not Verified
  21. Broken Links
  22. Optimized Anchor Text
  23. Manipulating Page Rank
  24. Violating Webmaster Guidelines
  25. Any Type of Link Scheme

When do you need a link building service?

The most effective backlinks come from high authority websites. Links must be diverse, relevant, and appealing to the sites that you are looking to be linked to. Most importantly, your link building efforts must adhere to SEO best practices and Google’s quality guidelines. No link building strategy should be developed or implemented without an experienced link building service.

Capitalize Through Established Resources with Blogger Outreach

Part of the battle to grow your trust flow and link profile is getting the right bloggers and site owners to give you backlinks. This can only be done with topically relevant, high-quality, authoritative content. For blogger outreach to be successful, the right websites must be identified that are in your niche. Additionally, the content on your website, blog, and other content marketing initiatives must be of worth to the sites you are targeting.

When it comes to backlinks, quality is more important than quantity; though quantity is, of course, also important. You want to build what is known as trust flow with your links. This is a metric of the number of authentic, quality links your site has. An instrumental method for improving search rankings is through increasing the number of external links back to your site. However, for these links to help your rankings, they must come from reputable sites. Conversion Metrics uses blogger outreach as one strategy to increase and strengthen your link profile.

What is blogger outreach?

Blogger outreach involves pursuing influential bloggers and websites with large followings that are reputable and relevant to your niche and compelling them to post backlinks to your site on their page. Providing relevant, quality content and resources that these webmasters and bloggers want to share with their audience is your leverage in blogger outreach. The importance of high-quality content marketing cannot be understated for this reason.

Blogger and website identification and vetting

Finding the right blogs and websites to target can be a lengthy process. A preliminary set of potential targets is made during the development of your comprehensive outreach strategy. From there, these sites must be vetted to ensure that it is an appropriate and worthwhile target of your blogger outreach efforts.

Blogger E-mail identification

Once we have decided to target a particular site, it can be challenging to identify the appropriate contact’s e-mail address. This usually requires some research, but is well worth the effort. Contacting the webmaster or blogger directly via email is a superior method to posting in a guestbook or comment section or to using an on-site contact form. In the case of guest books or comments, it is also possible to incur a search engine penalty. E-mail is the most convenient and effective means of outreach.

Link building content strategy

Blogger outreach should be informed by your comprehensive SEO content strategy. Topics must match the proposed link target. When they do not match, a number of possible manual and algorithm-based search engine penalties can be assigned.

Blogger Outreach and link acquisition

Conversion Metrics is a premier link building service. Getting site owners and bloggers to agree to host your link or share your content is as much about providing valuable resources and information as it is about taking the right outreach approach. We provide anyone we outreach to with the option of opting out of receiving further e-mails, in accordance with CAN-SPAM regulations.

Providing Increased Opportunities through Broken Link Building

An easier, scalable method Conversion Metrics frequently employs is broken link building. Through this process, we identify keyword-relevant sites that have broken links or dead pages. From there, we determine if it is a site that will aid in your link building efforts. If so, we contact the webmaster informing them of the broken link in addition to providing them with well crafted, relevant replacement content with the request that they link back to our site.

When it comes to link building, there are many potential ways sites can incur search engine penalties. Most of the reputable and effective methods of link building require a great deal of time and effort. Ultimately, these efforts, like blogger outreach, require that an external party—a blogger or site owner—agree to provide a link to your site based on the quality or utility of your content. Broken link building, however, provides an easier and scalable option for expanding your link profile. Conversion Metrics particularly enjoys assisting businesses with broken link building campaigns to raise brand awareness and improve search rankings.

What is broken link building?

Broken link building involves identifying keyword-specific websites that are related to your niche which also have broken pages. We contact the owners of those pages and provide them with a proposal to fix their broken link by replacing it with new, quality, relevant content. This is a win for all parties involved: the website benefits from resolving the broken link, you benefit from increasing your link profile, and users benefit because the links they click on bring them to applicable content instead of a dead page.

Finding links to broken assets

Using the keywords identified in your SEO content strategy, we perform a keyword search and identify relevant sites that have broken links. Ideally, we look for such sites that are also well ranking. Each link we identify is scrutinized for appropriateness and to ensure that the opportunity for an algorithm issue does not exist.

Identifying linking domains to broken links

In addition to vetting the link, we have to examine the website itself to establish its conformity to best practices. We use third party software to identify linking domains and complete a comprehensive evaluation of the domain’s suitability for the campaign. We become familiar with their site, blog posts, pages, and social profiles.

Linking Domain E-mail identification

The appropriate contact for the domain must be identified in order to make appropriate email outreach. We identify emails, contact forms, and social profiles wherever possible. Prior to contacting the site, we frequently share links to relevant content from their site on your social media as a first step in engaging.

Content strategy for blogger and website outreach

Seeking out broken link building opportunities on websites that are not relevant to your niche will not help your effort and could even put you at risk for a search engine penalty. In identifying target sites, you must be guided by a comprehensive SEO content strategy. The sites that link to yours must be topically aligned.

Broken Link building Outreach and link acquisition

We contact website and blog owners through our blogger outreach program, in order to alert them to the broken links on their site. From there, we offer relevant replacement content. We tell them why we believe in the content and why we feel it would be a great fit. Finally, we request that the domain link to us on the page and/or on their resource page. This is all part of our link building service.

See an example of a broken link campaigns flow below:

Broken Link Building


Content Strategies for broken link building

All link-building efforts are an outgrowth of a comprehensive SEO content strategy. Links must be relevant to your site’s keywords, topics, and industry. As much as content can be beneficial in building your brand and establishing trust with your customer base, its primary function is to target potential websites and blogs that can offer relevant backlinks. Remember, other businesses in your vertical are competing for the same backlinks and the same search engine rankings. For these reasons, it is essential that your content be of the highest possible quality.

On Page SEO

In order for the backlinks you establish to be effective, your website must be properly optimized with on page SEO. This is how search engines will know that your topics are relevant to the topics of the sites linking to your page. On page SEO involves proper incorporation of key search terms, appropriate headings and titles, structural stability, and other factors.

Link Reporting

Link building is an ongoing process. Each month, Conversion Metrics provides clients who utilize its link building services with a report on content that was built, link building efforts that were completed, and links that were successfully built. This way, our clients stay well informed and up to date on the progress they are making in building their link profile and trust flow.

Professional link building service for drug rehabs capitalizes on off-site backlinks to increase rankings

Making an investment in link building is one of the most effective ways to improve your search rankings. However, backlinks are subject to strict regulations by search engine algorithms and manual quality controls. A knowledgeable SEO professional with a thorough understanding of these parameters should shape and execute your link building strategy. Conversion Metrics has the skills and experience to build your trust flow and link profile for results that will convert.

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Link Building Service

Conduct a link building audit to inform your backlink growth strategy

Conversion Metrics knows the ins and outs of Google’s quality guidelines and all the potential algorithm and manual penalties sites can receive. To ensure that your link profile is promoting your search rankings instead of impeding them, let our experienced team guide you. Contact us today to get started. We can be reached through our online contact form or by calling (908) 655-6949.